Movement Against AIDS (MAA)

History of organisation

In late 90’s, a group of medical and health professionals working in the hilly areas of Himachal Pradesh came forward to provide need based support to the people living there. The group activities were fully supported by Hospital Designers & Developers (a corporate entity based in NCTR). In 1998, the group formally organised itself and gave a name ‘Movement Against AIDS’. Further, after realising the necessity to comply with legal requirements, the group was registered in the name of ‘MAA Activists’ in 2001 in Delhi. After few years, Dr. Alok Lodh, the then President of the trust came to Bihar for some project assignment under World Health Organisation. He eventually migrated out of the organisation and got engaged full time with the activities of MAA and established a local branch of the society in Muzaffarpur. Currently, the society is running various projects supported by government and other funding agencies.


MAA aims to achieve a reduction in the impact of STI/HIV/AIDS and improve the reproductive health of women living below poverty line, specifically in the Northern & Eastern states of India and in general the rest of the country and concurrently achieve an increase in the capacity of the community to fend for themselves against their compromised socio economic healths.


MAA strives to mainstream the issues of HIV/AIDS within existing government and non government programmes and also explore innovative methods of reducing the impact of the disease among the community living below poverty line. We are guided by the UNDP principles which look at the issues around HIV/AIDS from the socio economic aspect as well.



Bankers colony, Kayastha tola,

Sherpur, PO: MIC Bela,

Muzaffarpur-842005, Bihar

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