North East Network (NEN)

North East Network is a woman’s organisation working on rights issues in parts of North East India. Ever since its inception, our goal has been to empower women of northeast around issues of peace, livelihood, and reproductive health. The goal is

o To ensure fundamental change in the region’s development perspectives from needs to rights.
o To work towards gender justice and to framing gender just policies to promote and protect women’s human rights in all fields and through social action. It is also our endeavour work towards peace in the region with active involvement of women and by enhancing women’s leadership roles.

Since its inception, NEN has been working towards creating a gender- just society. In the process NEN has believed in undertaking the following three processes

o Research and Survey
o Sensitising/Trainings
o Advocacy and Networking

NEN members usually carry out primary research on various issues like health, social and economic status of  communities, existence of natural resources, prevalence of violence against women (VAW), incidence of domestic violence (DV) and the impact of the armed conflict on communities, particularly that of women. This is normally done in order to gauge the situation and plan strategies for interventions. NEN’s growing concern with the region’s conflict is one of the main reasons why the organization took up research in conflict areas, followed by training women and facilitating a process for policy advocacy.

NEN’s advocacy efforts are made at various levels. It engages in information dissemination (through translations of relevant documents). It trains at the grassroots level to mobilise communities, especially women on rights, gender and health issues. Advocacy at this level has involved campaign on CEDAW, VAW, monitoring the implementation process of the PWDV Act and a joint collaboration with Government Institutions in addressing VAW in Meghalaya. At the same time, NEN engages with different national and international organisations and policy making bodies to ensure the formulation and implementation of gender sensitive and gender just policies.

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