Reviewing NRHM & RCH 2-National Sharing of Rapid Assessment by Civil Society

The Rationale- The National Rural Health Mission was launched in April 2005 to provide a new and integrated direction to the implementation of health programmes in the country. Not only did it promise to adopt a public health approach but also promised quality health care services for the poor. RCH-2 is the flagship programme of NRHM and according to the time line (2005-2010); it has completed more than half of its processes. Decentralisation and community participation and ownership are among the core principles of NRHM. Community Monitoring process which is seen as an important aspect of promoting community led action in the field of health, has been initiated by the government in around 10 states in the year 2008.

Centre for Health and Social Justice (CHSJ) has been facilitating a process of regular feedback on the National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) with special emphasis on RCH -2 components. CHSJ has also prepared two citizen's reports on the NRHM (2006 and 2007) which have been shared at National Stakeholders Consultation.

Preparations this year:

In the year 2008-09, CHSJ in collaboration with the Population Leadership Program of the University of Washington in Seattle (USA) and UNFPA (India) had initiated a year long course on Capacity Building in Rapid Assessment of Health Programme (RAHP) for Civil Society Organisations. This Capacity Building initiative aimed to build capacities of the civil society activists to equip them with rapid assessment processes and techniques. In the first phase of the programme Rapid Assessment approaches were used to study the implementation of various components of NRHM and RCH2 in different parts of the country by 11 civil society organizations. The studies conducted through this programme will be presented at the Reviewing NRHM & RCH 2- National Sharing of Rapid Assessment by Civil Society on 22nd July 2009.

Apart from sharing the findings of the study , following aspects will be focussd on in the meeting:

1. Progress of NRHM in different states.
2. Steps taken towards improving reproductive health service delivery, fulfilling unmet needs and improving quality, decentralization and ensuring community participation and other crucial areas that have been included in the NRHM
3. Identifying implementation bottlenecks and recommending actions for streamlining desired processes

Participants for this National Sharing will be
• Key functionaries from Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India
• Civil Society Organisations from different states
• Public Health experts
• UN organisations involved in providing technical support to MoHFW
• Bilateral organisations and funders involved in supporting health
• International Organisations, Donors and Foundations involved in supporting health activities

The National sharing will be structured around four themes covering different aspects of NRHM and RCH-II. These key themes include:

• Strengthening Health Services;
• Women’s Experiences of RH services;
• Community perception of functioning of ASHA and
• Community Action.


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Quality of Care in Family Planning Servicesdownloads: 1204 | type: ppt | size: 420 kB
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