Second Phase Training

Chennai: 18 – 23 April, 2011

Delhi: 2-7 May, 2011

This jointly organized programme has recently completed its second phase of the Capacity Building of NGOs through six day training programme. The training, was again held in two venues, Chennai and Delhi. In total 15 organisations participated with 8 in Chennai and 7 in Delhi. Resource persons from SRM and CHSJ facilitated the training. 25 participants attended this training (the link below gives the list of participants).


  • The participants would learn to analyze the data collected by them and develop an analysis plan.
  • The participants would also be able to use statistical packages like SPSS(Statistical Package for Social Sciences), epi info software.

Sessions Conducted

Unlike the first phase, this phase had more of practical sessions and one to one discussions between mentors and their respective mentee organisations. This allowed the participants to have a focused discussion with their mentors and make plans for further work. The session wise content is given in brief below.

DaysSession Content
Day One
  • Sharing of experience by participants on their work up till the present point.

  • They shared the status of their studies, various processes they went through and the challenges they faced.
  •  Discussion for better understanding took place among all participants regarding each study and feedback was given to participants by the facilitators.
Day Two
  • Understanding how to develop an Analysis plan by going through an entire process of reviewing the study objectives, research questions, tools to identify the thematic areas.
  • Construction of a Tabulation Plan consisting of Dummy tables which would be used for their study.
  •  Importance and Development of Content page.
  • Understanding the Report Format to be used for making the study Report.
Day Three
  • Comprehensive Introduction to SPSS
  • Understanding the main components of the Software which can be used for analysis of the research study.
  •  Hands on Practice with Quantitative Data on SPSS with main focus on the seven main commands- Importing files, Selecting cases, Finding frequencies, Compute variable, command, Recode same variable command, Recode different variable, Cross tables.
Day Four
  • Understanding Qualitative Data analysis
  • Practice session on analysis of Qualitative Data
Day Five
  • Focussed Practice Sessions on respective data along with mentors.
  •  Making timeline for further work (analysis and writing report) regarding the study.
Day Six
  • Presentation of learning from the training, timeline, feedback and suggestions by all participants.
  • Valedictory

Phase-II- Training Reportdownloads: 726 | type: pdf | size: 245 kB